Touhou 3 ~ Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream


Title Screen theme: 夢は時空を越えて ~ A Dream Transcending Space-time

Character Selection: Selection

Reimu Hakurei’s theme: 東方妖恋談 ~ Mystic Oriental Love Consultation

Mima’s theme: Reincarnation

Marisa Kirisame’s theme: Dimensional Dream

Ellen’s theme: Tabula rasa ~ 空白少女 ~ The Empty Girl

Kotohime’s theme: Maniacal Princess

Kana Anaberal’s theme: 夢消失 ~ Vanishing Dream ~ Lost Dream

Rikako Asakura’s theme: 夢幻遊戯 ~ Visionary Game ~ Dream War

Round 7 CPU Battle theme: 魔法決戦!~ Decisive Magic Battle! ~ Fight it out!

Chiyuri Kitashirakawa’s theme: Sailor of Time

Yumemi Okazaki’s theme: Strawberry crisis!!

Midboss Demo theme: 非統一魔法世界論 ~ Disunified Field Theory of Magic

Yumemi Demo theme: 魔法鐘愛 ~ Love of Magical Chimes

Common Ending theme: 久遠の夢 ~ Dream of Eternity

Daytime Ending theme: 東方の青い空 ~ Eastern Blue Sky

Nighttime Ending theme: 永遠の満月 ~ Eternal Full Moon

Staff Roll: Maple Dream…

Name Registration: 霊人の休日 ~ Ghostly Person’s Holiday

Victorious Demo theme: 勝利デモ ~ Victory Demonstration non-extended

Game Over: ゲームオーバー ~ Game Over

Unused: 時の風 ~ Winds of Time

Unused: スターボウドリーム ~ Starbow Dream

Unused: Phantasmagoria


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