Blog suspended


I decided to suspend this blog, because a) nobody reads it because it is b) pretty useless and c) I don’t use it. This does not mean that I stop at YouTube.



Project log #9

Well, sometimes I don’t have motivation to upload anything, and sometimes it’s enough for 20 songs a day. So, uploads should come in the following order:

  • Touhou/incompetech/Newgrounds weekdays
  • Doujin (currently Undead Corporation and Pizuya’s Cell, because have only their OK)

So, yeah. That’s it.


P.S. Greetings, incompetech-fans!

Project log #6

I’ve found another project, which will start after Touhou (probably earlier): The most-played Heavy-Metal-songs and loops from newgrounds. Because I like Creative Commons and Heavy Metal.


Project log #5

Managed it, to reduce the filesize of the uploaded Videos (~15 minutes) from ~200 MB (MPEG) over ~50 MB (WMV) to ~20 MB (webm). If you mention, that my regular upload-speed is…
Off topic: I’m trying to make an Star Fox 64-hack. But HEX-raw-code is… puh…
And that was it, nothing more to tell this time.